Our line of Flamenco Cajons in constant expansion is characterized by an amazing quality as well in the manufacture and sound as in the  design and  the finishing touch, mixing classic and trendsetter  lines.

All of our cajons are manufactured with completely recyclable and very high quality materials taking care of even the latest details  both in the manufacture and in the totally handcrafted finish.
The decoration of our cajons is  made with direct serigraphy and is protected with a special varnish, avoiding the use of vinyls, stickers and other additives which "sully"  the sound of the cajon in an essential way.

Our woods:
All of our cajons are made of phenolic plywood of 7 layers , 12 mm.  thickness at least, without any humidity absorption which together with the "weaved" manufacturing system and inner (integral) frame system gives the cajon a very high structural stiffness and an explosive sound in high notes and a compact sound both in the bass and the mids.

The front boards are made of plywood of  between 2,5 and 4 mm which after many tests have demonstrated to be suitable for our purposes about sound and  at the same time allow that the price doesn't shoot up.

Our woods are: Finnish birch, wengués, zebranos, ... and a long etc. according to the needs of the model.

Our tuning system:
All our cajons have a sound- and tuning-system with inner strings. For that in Leiva Percussion we have  wanted to innovate from the beginning and we have designed an original Direct Tuning System STD which allows the player to tune  the tension of the inner strings in a straight way without the use of wrenches nor unnecessary tools. So, this annoying process in other manufacturers becomes fast, straight and effective, especially if it is needed urgently during a performance.

Presentation of the product:
As it can't be in another way in Leiva Percussion we bet  for an impeccable appearance giving priority to elements which are considered "optional" by other manufacturers, but we don't consider like that.

Our cajons are packed in high resistance weaved cardboard boxes. Before that they are packed in a bubble plastic film acting as a shield against hits during the transportation.

With all this our products are the fruit of a great work which mixes enthusiasm and dedication with a constant search for quality and improvements in order to satisfy the needs and the wishes of our customers who, without doubt, have the last word in their decision.

In J Leiva Percussion we pretend to take care until the latest detail. So we put in reach of our clients our service of customisation of Flamenco Cajons. The client will be able to customise the instrument according to his likes, sending us the design he wishes. After a little viability study we will contact him for the "manufacture" and price.