Patent Nº: U201001145

Here you can see our exclusive Direct Tension System  (D.T.S) of the cajon-strings.
As you can see, we don't hide anything and we like to be sincere above all.

This system demonstrates to be right now the system of the future due to its comfort, reliablity and of course the real efficiency while playing - wherever it is needed and requested, no matter the situation.

This system is integrated in different configurations to our complete product range of cajons: back, upper and/or lower side of the cajon.

Today it is already being used under permission/license of J.Leiva Percussion by enterprises as Cajones LA ROSA, which also want to be part of this innovation and haven't had any problem to request the one which is considered the best  tuning sysem for percussion cajons.

Here is the link where you can find its working: