We are totally sure that the “Smaller ones” also want to play a Little cajón with light weight and easily to transport.

We also think that this model is very indicated for the school environment, because when you disassembled it, you can put in Little places, and you can stack it very easy.

Using the same philosophie, and the same system from our EASY CAJON KIT, we present the kid versión from this cajon

Versatile, awesome sound and saving space and weight advantages in addition to: can be disassembled in less than 30 seconds without tools, only turn off a manual nut.

· Patented Cajon Kit
· Easy and fast assembly
· Assembly without tools
· Awesome sound an powerfull
· SDirect Tension System (DTS) with 2 ropes.

-Totally customizable and ready to be painted and bleached


Technical Features:

34 cm Height, 23 cm Width, 23 cm Depth.

Russian Birch plywood (10 mm thickness) in the whole chassis, joined together with water based glue. Silicone spikes with reduced contact area, and disconnection from the floor.     

Russian birch wood (3 mm). With direct serigraphy and cellulose protection.

D.T.S. or Direct Tuning System with two guitar strings localised vertically (V-form) and tunable from outside the cajon without the need of keys or other tools.