Nothing will be as it was. We have it. We have the product that percussion artists, drummer and cajon player desire so much.

Our patented B.Box System. The definitive pedal which can be used on BOTH SIDES of our cajons and on the FRONT SIDE of all other cajons on the market. You only have to see the photos or watch our related videos to check it out.

It´s the ideal system for those persons who don´t want to spend more money for their purposes than strictly necessary. As we have mentioned on our startpage, our system can not only be used on the sides of our cajons. If our customer already owns a cajon of another brand, he/she only has to configure the B.Box pedal for a frontal hit in order to obtain their usual bass sound … but all this with the comfort, hitting-reliability, -speed and -smoothness that can only be achieved with our system.