Professional cajons



Omeya ZETA Series.

Based in our Built-in front frame  new concept used in our famous Omeya Evo ll, we present  one of our best cajons.

This cajón is new and different:  is completely handcrafted in our Factory from the beggining Wood, to the strings. All is made specially for this model.

First you can see is the bi-coloured tone and the frontal lines on the front-plate

The Body-Chassis from this cajón is made with two differents noble Woods: Coto and Mukaly with 16 mm thick. Both semi-weight Woods with 580-600 kg/cubic meters from specific weight.

The new and different thing is that this type of Wood is nos avaliable in the market, because is completely made from us: assembly, pressing and calibrated in Leiva, using ancient and traditional techniques together with Hig-End machinery, for get a very good manufactruring standard.

In addition, this cajón have a new Wallnut Built-In front frame for put the front-plate “into” This Wallnut front-frame is extremely hard and so strong for support: weight, press and hits. Fort the moment is not copy for other makers, because is totally new and exclusive.

This front-plate assure a total tightness, sturdiness, precission and make round and confortable  the corners for a extremely comfortable playing.

The front-plate is made in 3,6mm Russian Birch and have a rough surface with the posibility to use brushes, nails and hands for make a lot of effects.

This surface is made with an special rough product for make a big durability and abrasión resistance. Fort he rest, we follow putting our fidelity in our DTS system.

The strings for this cajón are also made in Spain and custom-made for the J.Leiva Company. are the new 0,42 cajon strings, which uses a reinforced stainless steel core surrounded by a B20 bell-bronze winding. The strengths of these strings are their full balanced sound, which ranges from powerful basses to crisp highs. This also significantly improved the cajons’ sustain and the brilliance of the strings

Also this cajón have our new developed special string guide, that avoid the, 90% of all conventional string tears on overstretching can therefore be ruled out.

Omeya ZETA Series: where the art becomes an instrument¡¡


Aspectos Técnicos:


50 cm high, 31 cm width, 33 cm depth
Bi-componet calibrated solid Wood from  16mm thick Coto-Mukaly with solid Wallnut Built-in front-frame. Special Leiva Rubber Feet.    


3,6 mm Russian birch plywood wáter based glued.

STRINGS: 0,42  stainless Steel caliper with  B20 Bronze devaned.

DTS: Direct Tension System with 6 V-form special strings vertically positioned and tunable from the exterior without tools