Professional cajons



This cajón is not simply “Show” or a fashion product as it may seem.

We decided to make this cajón after a lot of requests from our customers and distributors.

As you can see, this model is made in 100% Plexiglass, except the front-panel who is made from 3,2mm Russian Birch Wood.

When we decided to manufacture it, we did it from the initial acoustic material point of view, and we have been able discover that the plexiglass is a very good material for sound, complying very well with the J.Leiva Sound-Standards.

After developing, making and checking it, we can assure you that is one of our best models, and may be one of the most better models in the market for studio recordings.

Pure, Clean, Brilliant, Velvety, Mellow and easily Stuffable with any kind of instrument and voice. Is a peculiar and special cajón because of his design and materials, but unique because of his sound. A new captivating sound for listeners and players.

The manufacturing is on the J.Leiva Percussion line: Pure and clear design and using all of our wisdom and experience for get a unique product in the cajón market.

We are ready to comfirm that this cajón will not leave anyone indifferent, contemplators and players¡


Technical Features:

48 cm. height x 30 cm. width x 32 cm. depth.

Made in 10 mm thick. PMMA Plexiglass. High-Power Laser-cutting and engraved surfaces. Glued with an Special High power PMMA unión cement. With silicone spikes with reduced contact area, and disconnection from the floor.     

Russian birch wood, laminated (3,2 mm). With direct serigraphy and cellulose protection.

D.T.S. or Direct Tuning System with six guitar strings in V form, localised vertically and tunable from outside the cajon without the need of keys or other tools.