Professional cajons



j.Leiva Percussion Present: the first paneled structural skeleton cajon in the world. This cajon is made with our new structural construccion system named: P.S.S. (paneled structural skeleton).

The idea was introduce the most powerfull conventional cajon in the market, with the most powerfull and deepest bass sound, under the standard cajons measurements. A big Challenge! We have been testing for three years with and without microphoning, Live (stage) and studio recordings. The results are very surprised to us! A big part of the market demands: an awesome extremely powerful cajon sound. Is your case?

Made from an initial paneled Walnut wood. All is assembled at the same time with 12mm Russian birch Pannels. The reason for this construccion method, is simple: more rigid structure=clear definition sound. Incredible balance between trebble and bass sounds. We use 3T (3000 kgs) press for assembly and glued. This means: the most strong rigid structure in the cajon world¡ You will don´t find nothing similar in the market for this price. In addition to this, Omeya CUBO incorpores our new “On-Off-Expand System”. Is an exterior bass-Expander that you can put-on or put-off when you likes.

This new system uses a new sujeccion system trough 8 extra-hard attraction neodimiun magnets. This assure your bass sound improving in a 30% more, at the same time assure no bad sounds in the sujeccion. Power, more power, presence and precission are the adjetives for this cajon Omeya CUBO Cajon. Are you ready?

Technical Features

49cm. height x 32 cm. width x 34 cm. depth.

Initial Wallnut wood Squeleton, paneled with 12mm Russian Birch wood panels. Water-based glue is used for all process. On-Off-Xpand system incorporated. Made in Sculpted Wallnut wood using CNC High-End Process, with 8 Neodimiun extra-strong magnets

Russian birch, laminated, 3,2 mm, joined together with water based glue. With direct serigraphy and cellulose protection.

D.T.S. or Direct Tuning System with six parallel guitar strings localised vertically and tuneable from outside the cajon without the need of keys or other tools.