Advanced cajons



Why not to contribute a little bit to the reforestation? Why not to start having consciousness about the situation we are involved? Maybe we won’t fix anything but we really want to contribute with our “grain of sand” to the environment. This is how our Eco-cajon (Medina-Series) is born. A very special cajon with a very special sound.

Manufactured in solid recycled plywood-board made of Chilean pine tree. An excellent wood with some excellent features against breaks and traction. This board is made with the joint system called “Finger joint” which gives a structural rigidity, even superior to the normal plywood board, having as result the ideal and utopian “solid wood cajon” which is almost impossible to manufacture because it uses to get sliced as the time goes by.

We have spent more than a year in the development and tests in this instrument, so the customer can be sure about the product.
This is a cajon with excellent acoustic features and an amazing sound due to the brightness and the elegance of its high notes and its bass, powerful and velvety at the same time. At last, an innovative cajon which combines a breaking aesthetic with the simplicity of design.

Besides, it is the first being manufactured with this kind of material and this method. 

Once more we go ahead in the market and, without doubt, other will try to achieve the same results: elegance, sensitivity, sound, and aesthetic.

Do you dare?


Technical Features:

48cm. height x 30 cm. width x 32 cm. depth.

Chilean recycled pine wood with “Finger-joint” system (12mm. thickness). Without varnish and treated with natural resins and oils. Serigraphy with ecological water based inks.   

Russian birch wood of 3 mm. Treated with natural resins and oils.

D.T.S. or Direct Tuning System with four parallel guitar strings localised vertically and tuneable from outside the cajon without the need of keys or other tools.