Professional cajons



For those who love quality in its purest form. For those who love superior woods at the service of an instrument. For those who love the most refined construction techniques. For all of them: OMEYA MASTER.

Pue SOUND. Pure STRENGTH. Pure SENSITIVITY. And an endless list of adjectives which our customers will use to define this instrument.

We put at our customer´s disposition all our experience, passion and dedication, combined with the best materials, techniques and investigation.

We can say that we put in their reach the best cajon that we have ever manufactured, with superior construction techniques and materials. All of which can be seen in our product video.

OMEYA MASTER: a dream, a reality.The truth is that we have very little to add, because in this case, an image is worth more than a thousand words …

Technical Features:

49 cm Height, 32 cm Width (front), 28 cm Width (back), 36 cm Depth.
Full monoblock/one-piece construction. Made of solid american oak of 16mm, union with “Finger-joint” system.  Interior frame made of american oak. Formal configuration: Line-Array type, using internal structures with nodal “cut” and reduction of undesired frequencies. 12 mm comfort seat incorporated and made of first class grain leather. Silicone sharp points with minimum contact area and separation from the ground.

Exclusive manufacture: J.Leiva Percussion S.L.
100% made of aeronautical carbon fiber with 4K certification (high modulus). Multilayer sheet with directed surface tension. Unalterable sound characteristics and quality. Lifetime guaranteed.
Quadruple D.T.S. or Direct Tuning System. Eight parallel guitar strings localised vertically and tunable from outside the cajon without the need of keys or other tools.